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Bus hire Sligo

company name] is Sligo’s longest-running taxi service. We are a 24-hour Taxi service in Sligo that manages your travel needs from the morning to the night.

One of our most popular services is our Bus Hire services in Sligo, which provides you with cost-effective, safe transport to and from the destinations of your choice.

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Party Bus hire Sligo

At [company name], we provide a professional party bus hire in Sligo.

Our party bus service works depending on your needs. Whether you wish to visit various attractions, a one-stop visit to a bar, or transport back to your accommodation, we will accommodate you in every way that we can!

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Advantages of our Bus Hire Service

Some of the many Advantages of our Bus hire in Sligo is that they are very professional, very safe and our bus drivers are always punctual. This results in hassle-free travel for all of our customers.

Our Bus Hire service is also cost-effective to ensure you get the best rates for your transfer.

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Why Hire a Bus in Sligo?

There are many reasons why people hire our buses. Our Bus Hire Service in Sligo is a cost-effective transfer for large groups.

Some people hire our busses as Sligo is a beautiful place to organise a tour with family, friends or even work colleagues.
People use our Bus Hire Service in Sligo for parties and events, airport transfers, and pickups and collections.

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions

  • What is the best way to enquire about your Bus Hire Services in Sligo?

    The best way to contact us with an enquiry is to call us using the telephone number on our website.

  • We are looking for a bus hire in Sligo who can take us to more than one location?

    We can take you to one or more locations. When we take your booking, you could please inform us of the location or locations you wish to visit, and we will get it sorted for you.