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For the best Chauffeur services in the Northwest, call DK Cabs to inquire about our competitive Chauffeur hire prices.


DK Cabs offers clients all over Sligo the very best Chauffeur Hire services. All our services include a local chauffeur driver with an exemplary safety record and decades of professional experience.

Enjoy the luxury of a chauffeur service at your next Hen Party, Stag Party, wedding, debs or any event where you need to arrive in style.

Our Chauffeur services are available at highly competitive rates, and our flexible packages mean you can avail of a chauffeur for the whole night or just part of the night.

To discuss Chauffeur hire prices with our driver, please contact DK Cabs directly.

Chauffeur FAQ

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  • How are fares calculated?
    As a member of Ireland’s National Transport Authority (NTA), all our fares are calculated by the meter.For longer journeys, a flat fee can be negotiated. To discuss a flat fee fare give our Sligo taxi company a call.
  • How do I book one of your Sligo Taxis?
    Just give us a call directly on (086) 213 3910. We can give you an arrival time and will get you to your destination safely.
  • Can I Pre-book a taxi?
    Yes, for early morning journey’s we offer a pre-book taxi service. We always recommend booking your airport transfer taxi service in advance.
  • How much does it cost to hire a Sligo Taxi?
    All our taxis are metered in compliance with the rules and regulations outlined by The Irish Taxi Authority.For longer trips, a flat fee can be agreed upon.
  • Can I book your 6 seater taxi?
    Yes, we accept six-seater taxi bookings. To book an early morning airport transfer or a visit to one of Sligo’s many must-see tourist destinations, call us directly on +353 86 213 3910
  • I need Sligo Taxi Numbers. What is DK Cabs phone number?
    You can call DK Cabs on +353 86 213 3910
  • How are 6 seater taxi fares calculated?
    In accordance with the Irish Taxi Authority, our 6 seater taxi is metered. Therefore we charge for the time the journey takes.For longer trips, a flat rate can be negotiated before the trip begins.
  • I need a six-seater taxi near me. What is your catchment area?
    We are a Sligo taxi company that offer our 6 seater taxi services to clients in Sligo city and Sligo county. We have years of experience in safely getting people home after a night out and bringing tourists to Sligo’s many must-see locations.
  • Is the chauffeur driver’s time included in the price?
    Yes, all our prices are inclusive of our chauffeur driver’s time.
  • What are your Chauffeur Hire prices?
    We offer bespoke pricing on our Chauffeur Hire services. Our prices factor in the time of year and the number of hours the vehicle will be required. Our rates are competitive, and our flexible service means we can develop a package that accommodates all sized budgets.
  • I need a Chauffeur Hire services near me. What is your catchment area?
    We are a Sligo-based Chauffeur company. Our Chauffeur is available all over Sligo, including in Sligo town.
  • I need an airport transfer taxi service near me. What is your catchment area?
    We have been ferrying clients from Sligo to airports all over the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for years.Our airport transfer service can be booked in advance from Sligo town or Sligo county.
  • How do I pay for my airport taxi service?
    At this time, we only accept cash payments. If you need to visit an ATM please let our driver know and we can take you to the closest cash point.
  • How do I book an airport transfer?
    To book an airport transfer, get in contact with us by phone. We will ask for your pick-up address, destination airport, and the time of your flight. 
  • I need Hen and Stag Party Bus Hire near me. What is your catchment area?
    Our Hen and Stag Party Bus Hire service is available to parties taking place in Sligo town and Sligo county.
  • How do I Book a Hen and Stag Party Bus?
    To make a booking please get in contact with us by phone.
  • We are looking for a bus hire in Sligo who can take us to more than one location?
    We can take you to one or more locations. When we take your booking, you could please inform us of the location or locations you wish to visit, and we will get it sorted for you.
  • What is the best way to enquire about your Bus Hire Services in Sligo?
    The best way to contact us with an enquiry is to call us using the telephone number on our website.
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