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The Airports We Service

Here at DK Cabs, we pride ourselves on being a nationwide airport transfer service. From our base in Sligo, we can whisk passengers to airports all over the country.

We regularly pick up and drop off clients in Dublin's bustling international airport as well as servicing smaller regional airports like Donegal. Regardless of your timetable or destination, we make sure you get to the airport with enough time to check-in, get through security, and maybe even have a quick drink before boarding your flight. In today's blog, we will discuss some of the airports we regularly visit and give you some insider tips on these transport hubs.

Dublin Airport

Let's start with Ireland's busiest airport. Second, only to Belfast International, more passengers pass through Dublin airport than any other transport hub on the island of Ireland. Dublin airport is the 12th busiest Airport in Europe.

The airport is made up of two large terminals and services most international flight carriers. The most prevalent of which are Aer Lingus and Ryan Aer. 

The airport itself contains numerous bars, restaurants and boutique stores. A recent refurbishment has made it easier to navigate, and most gates aren't that far from the security checks.

However, Dublin Airport gets extremely busy, so passengers should expect long lines at security and check-in. With this in mind, we highly recommend getting to the Airport 3-2 hours before your flight.

Distance from Sligo Town:             214Km

Drive Time: (Approximation):        2 Hrs 30 Mins

Pros:                                                  A large selection of amenities within the airport

Cons:                                                 Long waits during security checks

Belfast International Airport

The Island of Ireland's second most popular Airport, Belfast International, services most of Britain's most well-known carriers, including EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic. Passengers passing through Belfast International often comment on how modern and easy to navigate the airport layout is. What's more, the airport offers a variety of food and drink options. Their food choices include fast food like Burger King and more health-conscious outlets like Chopped.

Distance from Sligo Town:             200Km

Drive Time: (Approximation):        3 Hrs

Pros:                                                  Services a variety of low-cost British Carriers

Cons:                                                 Long travel time from Sligo Town

Shannon Airport

Situated in County Clare, Shannon Airport services a number of international destinations, including Europe, the UK and North America. Shannon is a truly historic airport. Some of the 20th century's most famous world leaders, including John F. Kennedy, Boris Yeltsin and even Fidel Castro, have passed through the airport's gates. Shannon also has the distinction of being where duty-free shopping was invented. Unfortunately, the actual airport is beginning to show its age. However, it still offers a fine selection of eating, drinking, and shopping options.

Distance from Sligo Town:             220Km

Drive Time: (Approximation):        2 Hrs 30 Mins

Pros:                                                  Well serviced by international carriers

Cons:                                                 Not as modern as some other Irish Airports

Donegal Airport

A real hidden gem, Donegal Airport is currently serviced by Aer Lingus and offers flights to Dublin twice a day. While certainly one of the smallest airports you’ll ever set foot in – most city bus stations are bigger than the terminal building – this airport makes up for it in charm. As a consequence of its size, amenities are limited to a single café with a small menu. Despite this, the airport has an ace up its sleeve. Donegal Airport is regularly voted the most scenic airport in the world. Passengers flying into this airport will be treated to Ireland's rugged coastline, stretches of picture-perfect beaches and Donegal's dramatic terrain.

Distance from Sligo Town:             150Km

Drive Time: (Approximation):        2 Hrs 15 Mins

Pros:                                                  Spectacular one of a kind scenery

Cons:                                                 Limited food and drink options

DK Cabs Airport Transfers

The above airports aren't the only internally travel hubs DK Cabs services. We can organise comfortable and competitively priced airport transfers to any airport on the Island of Ireland. To discuss your pricing, please contact us directly on: (086) 213 3910.

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